A Bibliophile’s Secrets

Welcome! I went back and forth with this idea before I first conceived this blog because I didn’t know what I wanted it to be. Like so many others, I have sought comfort and strength through my favorite activities to endure the uncertainty and stress prevalent around us today. I have always found solace between the pages of a book but what I often find lacking is the engagement that goes into processing the story once that last page is turned. I wanted to really delve into the intricacies of the incredible tales I indulge in each day. I do not know what shape it will take but this is the current space for collections of my thoughts, musings, and lingering questions on my reads, and if you happen to stumble upon this looking for a place to be heard, I wholeheartedly welcome and invite you to share yours.

For book reviews or other inquiries, please contact abibliophilessecrets@gmail.com