Book Review: Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Overall Rating: 3/5

So many people love this book so I know I am in the minority when it comes to my feelings towards Where the Forest Meets the Stars. The story revolves around Jo and Gabriel, two individuals from seemingly different backgrounds brought together by an unusual child. It is a sweet and heartwarming tale about finding love despite the trials and tribulations of life, but it also felt painfully familiar.

The book itself is very easy to read – the writing is engaging, the plot is charming, and the characters are well developed and lovable. There is also a sense of uncertainty around the scope of the book in the sense that I was unsure if it was going to veer into the supernatural. If it were not for that suspenseful element however, the plot could be considered fairly cliché. The last third of the book picks up some pace but the majority of the story consists of predictable tropes that rarely deviate from expectations. I went into it expecting something special – which admittedly played a notable role in my perception of the book – but was left feeling as though I re-read a story disguised by different characters and settings.

I would recommend reading Where the Forest Meets the Stars when you are looking for a feel-good book to brighten up a bad day. Despite my lack of enthusiasm in this review, I definitely enjoyed reading it and found it to be a wonderful escape during these uncertain times. It just didn’t quite hit the bar that had (perhaps unfairly) been set beforehand. Have you ever had a book hyped up for you, only to feel unsatisfied at the end? Let me know in the comments!

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