Book Review: Then She Was Gone

Overall Rating: 3/5 If you read my last blog post on “The End of Her”, you know that I had the itch. The mystery itch. I wanted that book that gave me all of the twists and turns I craved while still moving me in some way. The last book I read on my thrillerContinue reading “Book Review: Then She Was Gone”

Book Review: The End of Her

Overall Rating: 2.25/5 Do you know that feeling when you just read a string of phenomenal but heavy books, and really need a breather? Or when things have just been too stressful and you need your escape world to be filled with a little less darkness but still twist your mind in delicious and deviousContinue reading “Book Review: The End of Her”

Book Review: American Dirt

Overall Rating: 3.75/5 Given the current political climate and ongoing discussions on immigration in the United States, I was so excited to get my hands on “American Dirt”, especially when I saw that it occupied that coveted spot in Oprah’s book club. By the time I opened those first pages of the novel, I wasContinue reading “Book Review: American Dirt”