ACOTAR TV Adaptation!!!

So here I am sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee, attempting to study for my advanced cell biology midterm (and failing miserably) when I get a notification. I will spare you the details of how I got there but I head over to @therealpapamaas on Instagram, who fans of Sarah J MaasContinue reading “ACOTAR TV Adaptation!!!”

Book Review: A Court of Silver Flames

Overall Rating: 4/5 Note: This review is spoiler-free It has now been two full days since ACOTAR fans were *finally* graced with A Court of Silver Flames and being the compulsive reader that I am, I abandoned all my school assignments to consume it on its day of release. I wanted to give it someContinue reading “Book Review: A Court of Silver Flames”

Book Review: House of Earth and Blood

Overall Rating: 5/5 Sarah J. Maas does it again. I first read her books back in 2017 and despite the fact that I strongly associate them with taking the MCAT (it did not go well), they are some of my favorite books to this day. House of Earth and Blood might just be my absoluteContinue reading “Book Review: House of Earth and Blood”